Our Professional Services

  Professional In-store, or on-site (at your location) 
Repair Services
(including Viruses, & Spyware)
When it comes to repairing your PC, Network, 
or PC Infrastructure - word-of-mouth and our reputation
says it all. 

We are the best, fastest, highest-quality repair facility 
in Southern California.  Reputation has it, that, when you 
exhausted all your options, bring it to Cheappc.com and we 
usually have an answer.

We have a 99.9% success rate in our repair, recovery, 
back-to-business pc repair solutions.  Take advantage of our 
internet special starting at $49 to repair your pc!

Introducing MAC OS X ON INTEL support at cheappc.com
Do you own an Ipod? Do you own an Intel Mac? Great News at
cheappc.com!, we are now fully supporting Intel Macintoshes, and
Mac OS X Tiger on Intel! Any job - including Appletalk Networking - 
we could do at cheappc.com, Read the reviews......

cheappc.com, inc.
11436 Old Riverschool Road, Downey, CA  90241
(562) 776-9395



Network Management & Design.

Expensive pc networking, and information sharing is a thing of the past.
We developed, designed and maintained a host of networks for our
clients on the Windows OS Platform. Please call us to find out more
about our unique touch, and surprisingly economical prices on Network

Custom Engineered Computer Systems.
We specialize in custom engineering, and configuration
of state-of-the-art computing systems at realistic prices.

PC Professional Performance Upgrades.
Professional Audio/Video
We specialize in state-of-the-art performance upgrades.
Specifically designed for the high-end user of professional
PC-based non-linear video production (e.g.,
Pinnacle Video Editing, etc.),
as well as professional audio production hardware (e.g.,
Digidesign, etc) and software (e.g, Cubase VST).

Professional Graphic Design Systems
We specialize in complete PC-based Professional Graphic
Design Systems for the high-end user in Print, Web Development,
and Interactive Multimedia environments, (e.g.,
Adobe Products,
Macromedia, etc.)

Web Development
with a touch.
Our experience with Web Development ranges from Development & Design
of Fortune 500 companies, (such as Edison International):

Please call us to find out more about our incredibly priced
web-development packages.



cheappc.com, inc.
11436 Old Riverschool Road, Downey, CA  90241
(562) 776-9395